The MontaRel Scrubber
The MontaRel Scrubber
The MontaRel Scrubber
The MontaRel Scrubber
The MontaRel Scrubber
The MontaRel Scrubber
The MontaRel Scrubber
The MontaRel Scrubber

The MontaRel Scrubber

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Dimensions: 224 *119 mm

Material: ABSUSB

Charging: USB charging (included)

Charging time: About 2-3

 hoursWorking time: About 4-5

hoursBattery capacity:1200 mA

High quality powerful scrubber brush is of high efficiency to remove dust, dirt, charred traces, etc.Automatic brush helps to save time and energy. Just push one button and hold the brush body, then a clean place appear.Humanity design 3 interchange brush heads effectively clean out the dirty dead corners, suitable for different objects.The hand-held design and cordless operation make it easy working even into tight corners. It's easy to grip.Handy power scrubber for cleaning tub, table, washing basin, kitchen sink, toilet, window glass, and so on.

Packing list

1 xElectric leaning rush
1 x3 brush heads

1 x USB cable

1 x Istruction manual

Shipping Takes 7-12 Days Depends On Where You Live!

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Rotation Feature 🔄

The MontaRel™️ Electric Scrubber Spins 5 Times In One Second, Which Helps Clean Stains.

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We Won’t Make A Product That Does A Half Job! We Make A Product That Does 100% Of The Work For You!

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Pop It In! That’s It! 🍾

With A Simple Little Pop In And That’s It, Their are 4 variants of Brushes, All Of Them Super Simple To Use!

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1. At Montarel™️, we offer a revolutionary electric pan scrubber that takes the hassle out of cleaning stubborn food residue from your pots and pans.

2. Our electric pan scrubber features a powerful motor and durable scrubbing bristles that effortlessly remove even the toughest grime, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

3. With its ergonomic design and easy-to-use controls, our Montarel™️ electric pan scrubber is a must-have tool for any home cook looking to simplify their cleaning routine and achieve sparkling clean cookware every time.

Efficiency & Time Saving

Are You Tired Of Using a Sponge With Your BareHands To Wash A Pan, Don’t Worry Thats Why We Created A Montarel™️ Pan Scrubber


The MontaRel™️ Scrubber Is Used For More Stuff Other Then Pans and Cups, Like Tires, Shoes, Floors, Tables, Bowls, And More.

It Can Be Spinning for One Hour and 30 Minutes Non-Stop.

It Spins 5 Times Every Second!

Of Course, Are Electric Scrubber Will Take Down a Stain In No Matter Of Time!

How The Montarel™️ Scrubber Works

Once You Revive The Product You Will Get 4 Scrubs, A USB Cable,And A Scrubber, The Scrubber Has a Power On Button, Once You Click The Button The Scrubber Turns On Immediately And Starts To Spin, The Scrubs Have Small Holes Behind Them, All You Do Is Pop It On The Scrubber Then Boom, Your Ready To Go!

Usable On Anything!

You Can Clean Almost EveryThing

Multiple Brushes

It Comes With 3 Kinds Of Brushes!

How To Use!